About Us

Asian City, a place that brings you to Asia...
Asian city will provide everyone with a place to learn about different Asian culturesand to experience the Asian heritage.Also, for those who have been to Asian, it will be a pleasant renewal of the Asian experience. Asian City provides this unique, must-go place for everyone while shopping for all their necessities.

Asian City offers customers in both retail and wholesale with:
  • A variety of Asian gifts,cultural items,and home/party decorations
  • Kitchen accessories and small appliances
  • Health accessories and health food products
  • Snacks and oriental groceries for all occasions
  • Asian fashion, appeals,and cosmetic products
  • Oriental restaurant groceries,supplies and speciaty appliances

Come join us
Asian City will have a food court consists of traditional Taiwanese night markets, pearl tea, coffee & beverages; Hong Kong/Cantonese style bakery, Vietname Pho Noodle & Sandwiches, Korean Tofu House, Japanese Sushi and Udon Noodles, Thai& Indian food, as well as other special Chinese treats.